What is the context of the symposium?

As part of the artistic research project Non-knowledge, Laughter and the Moving Image the online symposium THE DANCE OF DISORDER invites you to live online screenings, talks and discussions that explore the Moving image's and the body’s potential to overturn our habitual course and change the order of things. During these two days bodies, images and sounds speak through unstable and unforeseen movements and encounters to explore ways in which we, organisms, bodies, technologies and environments communicate beyond instrumental language, subjectivity and reason, and to experience what moving images and bodies can do and how they can teach us about the limits of our thinking. The project is led by Annika Larsson and founded by the Swedish Research Council and done in collaboration with The Royal Institute of Arts in Stockholm and the HFBK-Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg. The symposium is organised by Annika Larsson & Isabel Gatzke.

Who is part of the symposium?

with Black Audio Film Collective (Screening: The Handsworth Songs), Oona Doherty (Screening/Discussion: Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus), Liv Fontaine (Performance), Kelina Gotman (Lecture: The Feeling of Plague), Barbara Hammer (Screening: I Was/I Am), Casper Heinemann (Reading: The Devil), Annika Larsson (Screening/Discussion: Danse Macabre), Yulia Lokshina & Angela Stiegler (Screening/Discussion: Subjective Hill), Dana Michel and Tracy Maurice (Installation/Screening/Conversation: Lay them all down), Semiconductor (Screening: 20Hz), Jasmine Schädler (Lecture Performance: The Possessed Gaze), John Smith (Screening: Twice) as well as conversations between Kelina Gotman, Oona Doherty, Liv Fontaine, Casper Heinemann, Yulia Lokshina, Jasmine Schädler, Annika Larsson, Paul Niedermayer, Michel Wagenschütz and Isabel Gatzke a.o. Moderated by Olympia Bukkakis. Design by Leon Lothschütz.

Where do I find the full Program?


Nov 27 2020 19.00 Intro: Olymia Bukkakis / John Smith, Twice (Zoom Webinar)
Nov 27 2020 19.30 Screening: Danse Macabre, Annika Larsson (Vimeo Live)
Nov 27 2020 20.15 Performance: Live Fontaine (Zoom Webinar)
Nov 27 2020 20.30 Conversation: Around Danse Macabre Zoom Webinar)
Nov 27 2020 21.15 Screening: I was/I am, Barbara Hammer (Vimeo Live)

Nov 28 2020 11.00 Screening: Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus, Oona Doherty (Vimeo Live)
Nov 28 2020 11.30 Reading: The Feeling of Plague, Kelina Gotman (Zoom Webinar)
Nov 28 2020 12.10 Conversation: Oona Doherty , Kelina Gotman a.o (Zoom Webinar)
Nov 28 2020 14.00 Screening: The Handsworth Songs, Black Audio Film Collective (Vimeo Live)
Nov 28 2020 15:15 Reading: The Devil, Caspar Heinemann (Zoom Webinar)
Nov 28 2020 15:30 Screening: Subjective Hill, Yulia Lokshina and Angela Stiegler (Vimeo Live)
Nov 28 2020 16:00 Conversation: Caspar Heinemann. Yulia Lokshina, Angela Stiegler, Jasmine Schädler a.o (Zoom Webinar)
Nov 28 2020 17:30 Recorded Conversation + extracts from Lay them all down, Dana Michel & Tracy Maurice (Vimeo Live)
Nov 28 2020 18:50 Screening: 20 Hz, Semiconductor (Vimeo Live)
Nov 28 19.00 Performance: The Possessed Gaze, Jasmine Schädler, (Zoom Webinar) + Outro by Olympia Bukkakis

Where can I attend the symposium?

You can attend the symposium online through the Zoom Webinar (Discussions, Performances, Readings, Chat) and via Vimeo Live Stream (Screenings, Discussions, Performances, Readings).

Is the Symposium only Online?

Yes. One of the works (Lay Them all down by Dana Michel & Tracy Maurice) is also installed in one of the public bathrooms at the HFBK Hamburg during the symposium

Can I take part in just one or a few of the talks/screenings or discussions?

Yes. Feel free to join any part that you find intresting in both the zoom webinar and the vimeo live stream. It is also fully possible to enter or leave the zoom webinar in the middle of one session.

Can I see the Moving Images, Talks and Discussions after the symposium too?


Do I need to register?

No. You can follow the entire program through Vimeo Live Stream (Screenings, Discussions,Performances, Readings) and Zoom Webinar (Discussions,Performances, Readings, Chat). In order to receive the link to the Webinar please email disorder@nonknowledge.org

In what language is the Symposium?

All conversations, readings and films are in English.