1. E.I. The Blob

E.I, Animaleques -Across Species, Bildmuseet 2019 // E.I with Augustin Maurs during The Sleep Over Experiment at Index Foundation Stockholm, Oct 2019 // Alien Laughter - with Swoopophone and Blob - Annika Larsson / E.I. the Blob / Robin Hayward. Music by Robin Hayward during KANÔN, QANŪN, CANON, (...), KW Berlin 16 Nov 2021 // E.I. The Blob, Annika Larsson & Satch Hoyt at Kunstverein Hamburger Bahnhof 25 Nov 2022 // Annika Larsson, Sara Lundén, Christer Bothén & E.I. The Blob, Non-knowledge, Laughter & The Moving Image, Index Foundation 2022 // Alien Laughter, World Academic Forum Stockholm Summit 2022 // E.I The Blob during Music for Future Images / Wo kommen wir hin, Akademie der Künste, 2019 // Samuel R Delany reading "Among The Blobs", Non-knowledge, Laughter & The Moving Image Festival Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof 2022 //

E.I The Blob is a noise making interactive “image-organism” sensitive to sound and touch, created to explore new ways of thinking (being, acting) with the Moving Image. With it we want to open up for human to non-human social relations, where situated forms of response-ability exisits, and where the digital and the organic systems are intertwined in a continual state of affecting and changing each other. E.I the Blob plays a central role in the artistic research project “Non-knowledge, Laughter and the Moving Image” where it has allowed us to rethink our relation to the moving image and see it as an "intra-active" vibrant body. With E.I the Blob we want to shift our attention away from the moving image and the body as forms of representations, to them as matter and waves of psychic intensities and fields of individuation. E.I could stand for Earthificial Intelligence, or simply a mispronunciation or confusion of the acronyms A.I. or E.T.

Programmers Web GL: Stefan Kernjak and Kiona Niehaus
Programmer Open GL: Abe Pezos
Open GL Code available on Github


Performance with Annika Larsson, E.I. The Blob & Satch Hoyt, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof 2022 // Samuel R Delany, Reading "Among The Blobs" and Discussion, 25.11.2022, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof // Satch Hoyt, Sonic Lecture, 25.11.2022, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof // Benjamin Janzen, Performing a Rhizom - Domesticated Waters, 2022, Kunstverein Harburger Bahhof // Denise Ferreira da Silva & Arjuna Neuman, Four Waters Deep Implicancy, Screening and Discussion, KVHB 2022 // Augustin Maurs, from Nothing More, Kunstverein Harburger Bahhof, 2022 // Live-Sendung "Bonjour Madame" moderiert von Ruth, by Gabriela Guimarães, Kvhb 2022 // replay, performance by Olympia Bukkakis, kvhb 2022 // The Blood of stars, screening and discussion with Monica Narula, Raps Media Collective, Kvhb 2022 // When We Were Monsters, Steve Reinke & James Richards. Screening and discussion, KVHB 2022 // Elizabeth A Povinelli online lecture and discussion, 24.11.2022 Aula HFBK Hamburg // Living Room, screening by Iswanto Hartono & Rez Afisina, discussion with Rez Afisina // The Joke’s On Us? Laughter, Agressivenes, Populism, lecture by Samo Tomšič, Kvhb 2022 // Agnes Eeg Olofsson, Performance: Tender Brushing, Kvhb 2022 //

Alien Laughter, World Academic Forum Stockholm Summit 2022 //