Events, talks, discussions, screenings:

As part of the artistic research project Non-knowledge, Laughter and the Moving Image the online symposium THE DANCE OF DISORDER included live online screenings, talks and discussions that explored the Moving image's and the body’s potential to overturn our habitual course and change the order of things. During these two days bodies, images and sounds speak through unstable and unforeseen movements and encounters to explore ways in which we,or ganisms, bodies, technologies and environments communicate beyond instrumental language, subjectivity and reason, and to experience what moving images and bodies can do and how they can teach us about the limits of our thinking. The project is led by Annika Larsson and founded by the Swedish Research Council and done in collaboration with The Royal Institute of Arts in Stockholm and the HFBK-Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg. The symposium was organised by Annika Larsson & Isabel Gatzke. //

JUCK, Gaze Practice Workshop, 17 DEC, HFBK // The Sleep Over Experiment, Index Foundation 18-19 Oct 2019 //