Annika Larsson - Fear of Flying

Annika Larsson, Fear of Flying (2020)


VR Research / Video Installation
26, 20 min (loop), HD, Color, Stero Audio.

Research, Direction, Cinematography, Montage, Sound and Production: Annika Larsson / Sound & Interviewer : Ewa Einhorn / Sound technication: Joe Ruckelshausen / Additional Camera: Vladyslav Kamenskyy and Berna- dette Paasen / Research Assistant and Production Assistant: Isabel Gatzke / Additional Production Assistant: Paul Niedermayer / VR Technicians: Christian Möller (INVR) / CGI and 3D: Stefan Kernjak, Stephanie Schwartz- zimmer, Pond (Video Footage Bank) Participants: Silva Rinuccia, Bruna, Isabel, Yvonne Bruder, Ulf Bruder,Dasha Zorkina, Josephine Freiberg , Moritz Baum, Chris Olano, Katja Reinbold, Michel Wagenschütz a.o

“Is it a virus, a drug, or a religion?” “What’s the difference?”
Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

Shaped as a series of experiments set in four private homes, the lm FEAR OF FLYING explores Virtual Reality and its relation to the control and rebellion of moving bodies and minds. In close proximity with four circles of family and friends it investigates the blurred borders and paradoxical feelings of being simultaneously in control and out of control, here and there, moved and moving - states that are triggered by the complex system of inter- actions that take place between the technology and our bodies, nervous systems and brains.


2020 Annika Larsson - Fear of Flying, Institut Suédois, Paris (solo) 2019 The Sleep Over Experiment, Index Foundation Stockholm 2019 RIA Research Week, The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

Annika Larsson, Fear of Flying (2020)