Installation: Elina Birkenhag, Chewing, video, Pulps, floor installation

**Chewing, video, 04:54 min (loop)

Pulps (floor installation) Material: washed paper**

The video Chewing investigates the act of reading and digestion. Shown on a screen as a loop, it views a closeup of a mouth, chewing and spitting out pages from a book.

The work Pulps contain a big collection of found receipts, shopping lists, or other notes forgotten in pockets and washed in a washing machine

Elina Birkehag’s artistic work explores inscription in relation to its surface, time, and context. By examining the text in relation to the body, she seeks ways to process layers of information that she is exposed to in various ways. She works with everyday materials and situations, striving to activate collective and bodily memories. Her work processes often involve performative actions, in which the writing body plays an essential role. By playing with composition and repetition, she intertwines text and image and the hierarchies between them. Over the past year, Elina has become particularly interested in the surface of the inscription – the paper, the wall, the tree. The work is presented in spatial installations, through performance or publications, and moves between text, drawing, and alternative historiographies.