25 Nov 2022 23:00 Performance: Junya Fujita, Halfway

Junya Fujita
Title: halfway

sound performance with a virtual modular synthesisers, a field recording.

Generating sound has taken place at home as a daily ritual since 2021 using a wide variety of synthesis techniques with the aid of virtual modular synthesisers. During the Corona pandemic, I remained grounded by listening to substantive virtual ambient sounds at home with my eyes closed. It was not a soundscape of memories from past experiences but simply an exercise in finding the space between reality and fiction. Many times, new realities are created by gaps in perception. For example, a parrot mimics a human voice, and when the mimicry goes wrong, it becomes an eerie sound somewhere in the space between animal and human. Attach a contact microphone to an old fridge and listen, you will encounter an intriguing yet disturbing soundscape. Such dislocation of the everyday strips us of our perceptions and forms fresh and uncertain experiences.

I arrived in Germany in 2017 and five years later, I still often wonder if I am really in Germany or if I am just pretending to be. As my identity is being formed or reshaped in another country, I think it is an important process to constantly reflect and meditate on this profound reality shift.