Video Installation & Performative lmic Research / Video: 41,41 min, HD, Color, Stero Audio.

Research, Direction, Cinematography, Montage, Sound and Production: Annika Larsson / Additonal Camera & Sound: Paul Niedermayer, Michel Wagenplatz / Research assistant: Isabel Gatzke / Poetry & Words: Liv Fontaine / Music: Liv Fontaine, Rosa Farber and Edwin Stevens. Performers: Paul Niedermayer (artist), Michel Wagenchu╠łtz (artist), Liv Fontaine (artist), Samir Kenne- dy (dance, performance and sound artist), Sue-Gives-a-Fuck (drag queen and comedian), Ms Kevin Le Grand (drag queen), Matt Tedford aka Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho (actor, writer and comedian), Andrea Spisto(theatre maker, poet, performer and producer) & Danni Spooner (dance artist) a.k.a. Taylor & Vincent and Haus of Anxiety.

DANSE MACABRE was shot in London in autumn 2019 during the protests and demonstrations related to Brexit dominated the streets but also in Winter 2020 shortly before the outbreak of Covid-19 radically re-structured the sphere of the public. Both events brought states of exception and a temporary suspensions of law. With a focus on dance and affectual politics, the lm takes a clos- er look on what gestures and bodily expressions are provoked through the current state of crises, but also how order and disorder are inscribed in bodies and movements in public space. Through new friendships, disorder, dark humour, and erratic moving bodies and voices the lm explores acts of resistance, the politics of performance, visibility, and queerness in order to to bring up urgent questions around xenophobia, borders, and the politics of fear.

2020 The Dance of Disorder, HFBK Hamburg
2020 Artistic Research Week, RIA, Stockholm