Annika Larsson, Installation View at Index Foundation 2022 Photo credits: Elina Birkehag and Annika Larsson //

Non-knowledge, Laughther & The Moving Image Sympoisum and Festival at Index Foundation 15-16 Nov 2022. Photo credits: Elina Birkehag and Annika Larsson // Pauline Curnier Jardin talk // Screening of Identity by Roda Abdalle // Screening of Adoration (2022) by Pauline Curnier Jardin // Screening of Stella Dieden Richter, En ansträngning, flera suckar / One effort, many sighs // Performance: Alice Peragine, Mending Engine // Tambourine Workshop & Performance: Breogán Xague, Ai-A-la-la-Ai-A-la-lae. Serán_1 // Ester Martin Bergsmark in connection the the screening A sweetness from nowhere // Kulturprofilerna performing // Screening of UNTITLED SEQUENCE OF GAPS by Vika Kirchenbauer // Screening andtalk by Adina Pintile // Screening by Ester Martin Bergsmark // Talk betweeb Adina Pintile, Vika Kirchenbauer, Ester Martin Bergsmark & Annika Larsson //

Screening of Paranoia by Friederike Steinert // Annika Larsson, THE SLEEP OVER EXPERIMENT Vinyl // Karon Nilzén, The Eye of the Mole and the Perpetual Motion IV skulptur // Elina Birkenhag, Chewing, video, Pulps, floor installation //